Learn how to swim at Stromlo Leisure Centre

We all want our children to be confident, in themselves and their skills. One of the most important and life-saving skills that a child can learn is how to swim.

With many swim centres closed due to COVID-19, the Molonglo Valley community would be pleased to know that Mt Stromlo Leisure Centre, part of the YMCA brand is open for business.

Canmum caught up with Molly McKenzie the Swim School Coordinator at Mt Stromlo Leisure Centre to find out how to help our kids get back in the pool and learn how to swim in the lead up to summer.

Swim School Coordinator at Stromlo Leisure Centre, Molly McKenzie.

Molly McKenzie (23) is new to the Molonglo Valley having only moved here for the role less than two weeks’ ago but she was readily welcomed to the Mt Stromo Leisure Centre as she said “the Y (YMCA) is just like a family.”

“I have been teaching learn to swim classes since I was 15 so it’s something I started early in and became very passionate about. After starting out teaching, I then became an Aquatics Coordinator in charge of all operations and learn to swim classes. I came from regional South Australia so to come to Canberra and being part of a newly established centre where I can meet all the families is very exciting.” Molly said.

Despite being the tail end of winter Molly argues now is a better time than ever to learn how to swim.

“You don’t want to wait until summer to start your child’s lessons. With less children enrolled in each class due to COVID-19 and the winter months, now is actually the right time to start hitting the pool.”

However, if your child is on the waitlist (spots filled up fast) as a total of 600 children are enrolled and Molly predicts it will rise to 2000 in the summer, Molly encourages parents to get in the water to play with their kids and build confidence.

“Never underestimate the power of play with your kids. Get in the water, help build up their confidence and skills, have fun with them and build that connection. You don’t have to focus on stroke perfection, just get in there with them and get them comfortable with being in the water again.” Molly said.

My child started out swimming classes this week and afterwards we had a play in the pool. We had so much fun! The water was a great temperature and seeing the sunset out the window was extra special.

Teen learn to swim classes (ages 9 and up) are scheduled to start soon along with adult classes in the coming weeks.

“Everyone should have the confidence to swim and if you’re a parent that lacks swimming skills, I encourage you to come in for a lesson. Don’t be embarrassed, learning how to swim can save lives.” Molly said.

If you would like to enrol your child in learn to swim classes, or if you would like to learn go to https://www.stromloleisurecentre.com.au/ or call 02 5114 2900

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