Meet everyday hero Aaron Smith and his crew

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and in this case they were around six-foot, solid builds and wore matching orange shirts.

A few weeks’ ago you would have remembered I posted on the Canberra Notice Board for people to recommend an affordable local moving company as I just moved to Canberra with husband and 4 year old daughter in tow and was hit by a recent rare cancer diagnosis.

While I received many recommendations, there was a man that put up his hand and said he would move us for free. Normally I would not take up such a kind offer but everyone from the nurses at the Canberra Cancer Centre, teachers and people on the Canberra Notice Board told me, “if people offer you a hand, take all the help you can get.” So I did.

Meet Aaron Smith, a local Canberran man, 32 years of age with four kids (3 of whom live in Sydney) and the youngest almost three years old (lives with him). Aaron is the owner of Ontime Movers, a local company he started three years ago while still working his normal day job as a removalist at Allied Pickfords, the largest removalist company in Canberra and one of the largest removalist companies in Australia.

Aaron read my blog and shared it with his workmates, all of whom work with him at Allied Pickfords five days a week and like Aaron run their own removalist companies on the weekends. 

The boys arrived Saturday morning at 8.30am and true to the name Ontime Movers, they were done in one hour flat. They helped pack boxes, put clothes in bags and drove two big trucks to move us into our new rental property. All six men, helpful and the kindest, friendliest young blokes you could ever meet. 

I thanked the men and asked Aaron why they were so kind and offered their services for free.

“We have moved women who have experienced DV so doing moves like the one we have done for you is one way we give back to the community. It is honestly no big deal. It’s an hour of our time – it’s nothing really.”

Softly spoken and humble, Aaron and his mates they also drive in the Rise Above Cancer Convoy and will be taking part again this year on March 31.

“There is no better feeling to see the faces of little kids light up when they see the big trucks on the convoy. I am a lover of cars, I drive performance vehicles for fun and my kids just love the cars and trucks, they love taking a ride on the big rig – there is nothing like it.”

Aaron has had a couple of friends who are cancer survivors but insists that the motivation to help does not come from a personal experience but just a willingness to help where he can and it is not just him who likes to get behind a cause.

“Some of the guys that came to help you, sponsor kids footy teams – they like to be involved within the community as much as they can.”

I would just like to give a huge round of applause to Aaron Smith and his company Ontime Movers, Tim Barnes of Barnes Removals, Scott Wray of Wrays Removals, Kyle O’Brien, Joshua Holz and Rowland Mateyawa of All In One Movers and a thank you to Allied Pickfords also for employing such outstanding young men.

You all are everyday heroes and I will never forget your generosity. 

To book Ontime Movers for your next move visit here – they will not let you down!

Left to right is Tim Barnes, Rowland Mateyawa, Kyle O’Brien, Liz Kamel and daughter, Joshua Holz, Aaron Smith, Scott Wray and Mo Kamel in front.


Aaron Smith, his fiancée Brooke Suitor and son Tyler Smith


The two Allied Pickfords trucks that the men packed our belongings into in one hour flat!
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