Meet Corinne Mulholland

Young, tenacious, approachable and unstoppable. Meet Corinne Mulholland who is running for the seat of Petrie this federal election.

I met Corinne at Anytime Fitness Griffin at the 24 Hour Suicide Prevention challenge in May. She hit the treadmill for a good cause and I joined her (in the tail end of the challenge) to learn about her and her vision for Petrie.

At 30 years of age Corinne is wise beyond her years. Raised in a single family, her and her sister Lauren learned at a young age the importance of a stable income, workplace rights – and “if you want something done, you have to get out there and do it yourself.”

“Being raised by a single mum, it gave me an appreciation and understanding as to the struggle parents go through in raising their families and maintaining a job in harsh economic conditions with very little support.” Corinne said.

For seven years Corinne has worked at Moreton Bay Regional Council and has developed a close sense of community and understands the issues facing residents of Moreton Bay.

“I’m proud to be part of a government who has backed the development of the University of Sunshine Coast University at Petrie in addition to the funding of 100,000 free TAFE placements. I believe accessible education is the key to a prosperous society.” Corrine said.

Corrine has also led the charge and campaigned for an MRI machine in Redcliffe hospital so residents across the Moreton Bay region have access to affordable, quality healthcare on their doorstep. Today, Corrine delivered on that promise.

Today a special announcement was delivered on Corrine’s Facebook page:

“MRI Campaign Update: We did it! ✅✅✅

I travelled to Canberra this week to meet with Bill Shorten MP and Labor’s Shadow Health Minister Catherine King to argue the case for an MRI licence to be allocated to Redcliffe Hospital.

I’m pleased to share some exciting news I just received!! They listened, and have committed. Labor will deliver a new federally funded Medicare-subsidised MRI licence to Redcliffe Hospital – one of 20 that will be delivered nationwide. 🚑🚨🏥”

Corrine is a powerhouse that will continuously support the Moreton Bay region and that is why she is an everyday hero.

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