Crime in Moreton Bay

I am a member of a number of Facebook groups around Moreton Bay and there is not a day that goes by where I don’t hear about a break-in or theft. Is crime on the rise in Moreton Bay? I have looked at the QPOL online crime stats but not sure if it is more than other regions and if it is a recent phenomenon.

I have seen a lot of youth delinquency and again, it is a combination of perhaps parenting, and a lack of infrastructure around the region. Sorry I don’t mean to sound judgemental but the way that I have seen many teenagers behave and talk to authority figures whether parents, security guards outside North Lakes Library or Westfield makes me think there is a big problem with socialisation and respect.

Mango Hill/North Lakes Police Station are staffed with some of the best cops around – they are helpful, polite, respectful and do a -damn good job- at keeping us safe. I just wish they had more funding so that they could employ a few extra staff at the station so that the officers there are not so overworked. Moreton Bay is expanding rapidly and we need more police with more resources to cope with population growth.

What are your thoughts about crime in the area?


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