Everyday Hero – Keeping Griffin Clean

In my suburb of Griffin, there is a man in his 60s and sometimes his mate, they walk around the area almost daily and collect bags upon bags of garbage. Nobody has asked them to do this. They just love their suburb and want to keep it clean.

He doesn’t want any media attention but I just want to say what a top bloke this man is! He told me that every weekend he will empty a minimum of five bags of rubbish.

The parks at Griffin are no better. Old newspapers, 7/11 slurpee cups, junk food wrappers and old food are strewn across the park. It is disgusting and it saddens me that as local families, when taking our kids to the park, we have to clean someone else’s mess. It’s like visiting the ghetto and having to clear the area for syringes to make sure the area is safe.

This man said the rubbish has increased significantly due to 7/11 and the new shops opening and people just don’t care. My husband and I frequently see youths walking and dropping rubbish on the ground.

We need more bins in Griffin on the main streets and also signs to deter people from littering.

Griffin is a beautiful area do not get me wrong – but we need to make sure it stays this way but putting the right mechanisms in place before it is turned into an undesirable neighbourhood.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen lots of litter around? Have you seen this everyday hero and his mate around the area?

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