Fix Henry Road

A few months ago, it was a Tuesday in February and Brisbane was hit with heavy rain. Griffin was flooded on both ends so people couldn’t get to the highway from Henry Road as it was flooded and also the other end on Brays Road, Griffin to North Lakes was flooded. I left home at 6.45am with my daughter to drop her off at day-care before catching the train into the city for work.

I spent 1.5 hours on Brays Road with the traffic not moving. By the time I got to day-care to drop my daughter off, I drove to the train station and not a single car-space was available. Cars at Kallangur were even parked on the grass and around the street illegally as most people who would’ve driven to the city, decided to take the train instead. Needless to say I couldn’t get to work as I spent another 15 minutes driving around Kallangur to find somewhere to park my car.

Henry Road in Griffin gets flooded. It was nothing more than a dirt track only a few years ago and then bitumen was laid on top to make a road. When it rains heavily around October-March, the road frequently gets flooded and pot-holed. It is not lit and quite frankly a risk to drivers.

I think I will start a petition soon for council to fix this road. What do you think needs to be done? I feel like areas such as Griffin where there has been rapid expansion in the last 5 years, lack proper infrastructure which is resulting in car accidents, youth delinquency and a number of other social issues.

I was told that Griffin only a few years ago was nothing more that pineapple farms, now it is one of the highest density suburbs in Moreton Bay in only the 18 months I have been living here.

Tell me your thoughts below.

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