Cards Against Humanity

Ok, so I’m a little behind the eight ball on this but last night I just discovered Cards Against Humanity. What a game!

Last night we attended a May the Fourth Be With You party at the house of one of our dearest friends from Brisbane and their small family (like ours) and a bunch of other couples/parents. In a group of 10 we launched into Cards Against Humanity and it hands down has to be the funniest, most offensive and fun games I have ever played!

If you’re a parent, or a couple feeling bogged down with the mundanity of suburban life, get your hands on a deck of these cards – weekends will not be the same again! You need a group of no less than 4-5 and you can play in larger teams which makes it more fun and you will guaranteed a bucket of laughs, and hilarious embarrassment.

I have to admit, it was hard for me to keep a straight face when I had the black card, reading everyones answers. Those that know me well, know that I laugh at everything, at inappropriate times, cry and struggle to get words out as I choke on laughter.

An example:

Michael Jackson was thinking of {blank} in the last five minutes of his life:

Michael Jackson was thinking of {a monkey smoking a cigar}

{insatiable bloodlust}

{exploding poop disease}

Ok, so you get the gist – but it gets far more morbid, more disgusting, hilarious and offensive with every answer.

I cannot recommend this game enough – I’m going to have to get my hands on a deck of these cards at some point!

Do it! You will not regret it – I guarantee it!

You can get your mitts on a deck here


Have you played? What was the most memorable answer? I’d love to hear it!

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