Why I never liked mothers group….then I discovered the magic of Tresillian

Ok, I am not into mothers groups – shoot me!

I remember when I first had my daughter and I attended a mothers group in the local hospital. Back in Sydney, unlike in Brisbane, people tend to have children later in life so at 26 I was one of the youngest mothers there. That wasn’t the problem – that was fine. If I ever have a another kid which I seriously doubt (such friggen hard work!), I will probably be in my early to mid 30s and that’s ok.

But I was surrounded by women in their late 30’s and early 40’s with the most expensive prams when mine was a $50 one that came with my nursery set from QuirkyBubba – what a bargain!

Anyway so it was story after story of every single babies bowel and nursing habits and a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t want to hear from complete strangers – ok, shoot me now. I left after 20 minutes deciding it wasn’t for me and I never went back.

At 3.5 months I went to Tresillian, which people call “sleep school” for babies. And people seem to think that means controlled crying – which it doesn’t – it is far from it.

It turned out after couple of severe bouts of mastitis – my oversupply of milk waned and I was starving my baby so she could never settle and she was only getting foremilk – giving her a very upset tummy and severe reflux/colic.

The standard program is 4 nights and 5 days and you receive around the clock assistance from midwives (one of them there delivered our daughter) and it is government funded. It only cost us $40 per day for the meals but you get your own room and the midwives teach you settling and feeding techniques for the baby and you receive social support and visits with a psychologist to make sure you are coping well.

As a first time and young mother with limited family support and sleep deprivation – I was struggling, I was not ok and I am so grateful that in Australia and in the state of NSW we have this incredible program that helps struggling parents. There was a wait list of a few months but because lack of sleep (sometimes days) and not being able to comfort my baby I was feeling pretty low (I even imagined jumping out in front of a train to get some sleep) they were able to fit me in after a last minute cancellation.

After the 5 days at Tresillian I learned incredible techniques with settling my baby and she has slept well and through the night since (still until now at age 4).

I have been told there is not the same service in Brisbane but I wish there would be as hand on my heart I cannot fault the care and advice I received.

I also met some other incredible women and their children who I am friends with today – all because they sought help and got the support they needed.

Read more about Tresillian here 

Have you heard of Tresillian? Do you wish there was the same service in Brisbane? Did you like mothers group? Why or why not?

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