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As a parent you have hopes and dreams for your children. You would do anything to keep them safe, away from harm. I have been caught in a fight of indecision whether or not I should I should post about this – but stuck to my guns as I truly believe that we need to educate ourselves about the suffering of children in conflict zones.

Children are often forgotten casualties of war, domestic violence or conflict in general as they have little power to advocate for their rights and safety. We must do what we can to protect them.

Whether you have been following the Syrian conflict or not (it has surpassed it’s seventh year of war), even if you disagree with the politics of the region – there are children suffering every day. From aerial bombardments (barrel bombs are the number one killer in Syria), chemical weapons, to ground offensives – children are caught in the crossfire of war, while we are apathetic, or feel helpless; not knowing what we can do to make a difference. These children are just like yours and mine – innocent and helpless.

Just a few days ago, the US Government announced a freezing of $200 million dollars to the White Helmets – a volunteer rescue group of average people doing extraordinary things – saving human lives in Syria.

There have been many rumours circulating online that the White Helmets fund terrorism but these claims are by conspiracy sites and have been completely unfounded.

The main fact is, where there is conflict – children will suffer. There is no way around it.

After seven years of war, hundreds and thousands of Syrian men, women and children have died. Many children have witnessed their parents be killed and suffer the affects of disfigurement and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). These children did not ask for this war, they have played no part, they have only born (and I use this word as many children have been born into this conflict) witness to the war.

Every child deserves safety in life, a loving home, their parent/s and a loving family, an education and a bright future. Many will not have any of these.

Please help the White Helmets in their efforts to rescue innocent civilians in Syria. Every dollar counts.

To learn more about the White Helmets click here

Watch this amazing documentary on Netflix (bring tissues)


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