Message from reader: Why I don’t post photos of my family

I received a message in my inbox asking why I don’t post photos of myself and my family. That is a good question.

The reason is because I value my privacy and that of my family’s. The internet and social media can be a very anti-social place. My husband often calls it ‘anti-social media’ for this reason.

My daughter especially should have the right to determine how she is portrayed online. However as she is a child, she lacks the power to self determine (regarding the use of technology and her image etc)- hence that is in my hands as a parent. As parents we are supposed to protect our children and make decisions in their best interest.

Far too often do ‘mummy-blogs’ and I hate that term (but use is because this is what it is!) rely on the commodification of their children – that is, trade them as a commodity and enjoy the returns it brings. As a parent, I believe that is wrong. My child isn’t a product to make money and I will not parade her around for other people’s consumption. As cute as I find toddler modelling shots – I don’t believe it is benefitting the child psychologically and socially in the long run. You are essentially demonstrating to your child they are a product, a vessel that looks pretty and that can have numerous consequences to their sense of self worth and self-esteem as they grow older. A child’s self worth isn’t determined by how many likes they get on a photo and how many positive comments online they get from strangers on their appearance.

It also poses a gross security risk and as someone married to a cyber security consultant (and me with qualifications in Intelligence) you end up wading in very dangerous territory. You never know what people will do with your child’s photo and for what purpose. Photos can also tag the location so this is another security risk.

Let children be children, let there be mystery, allow your child the right to self determine. This is my message.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear.

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