Local business review: Griffin Pizza

Coming from Sydney, we were spoilt for choice concerning food options. We lived in the suburb of Kogarah which was just a stone’s throw (2-minute drive) from the beach of Brighton Le Sands (my favourite place in Sydney) and the Arab corner (aka the Gaza Strip) of Rockdale.

Kogarah also sported a bustling villagey community with Thai/Chinese Restaurants, cafes (Memento Kitchen and Cafe owned by some dear friends of ours is hands down the best coffee in Sydney) and a multicultural dining precinct just outside the library. However,  directly across the road from us was a pizza place called Bonfire Pizza which had the best Lebanese and Italian wood-fire pizzas in Sydney – no joke!

Because of this, we are picky with our food – I mean we will try almost anything but our standards are high! When Griffin Pizza opened in October last year, it was exactly what we needed in our suburb. The Pizzas were light, crispy, delicious and wood-fired. No pizza-cakes here!

We’ve tried a few places in the Moreton Bay region and we have been disappointed each time.

It was my husband’s birthday so we decided to get some pizza to celebrate. At Griffin pizza, we ordered the $30 special that includes two large pizzas and a garlic bread (unfortunately no large drink but that’s ok!). We ordered the Margarita pizza which is great for pizza puritans, a paper-thin base, loads of cheese cooked to perfection. Our second option was the San Marco, a seafood pizza with prawns, feta cheese and chili. They changed the recipe for the San Marco slightly – opting for fresh prawns over the smaller (I believe frozen ones) to give it a ‘fresh from the sea’ taste. I think, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” but it was still very delicious nonetheless. All that was missing was some garlic (I believe they have either changed the recipe or forgotten to include it. Again it was absolutely delicious but I am not a fan of change. My husband loved it and the extra chili kick. Our daughter just ate the garlic bread and margarita pizza.

The only problem is that it is so delicious we ate the whole thing and there was nothing left for breakfast!

If you love your Pizza, head to Griffin Pizza you will not be disappointed! Their number is 07 3482 2206 and they open daily from 4-8.30pm. You will find them next to Cafe 63 and 7/11.

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