When it rains it pours

On Monday after work when my husband when my husband was shaving my hair in the bathroom we got a call from the real estate agent that the owners would be moving back.

It wasn’t exactly a big surprise as we were on a six month lease and it expired at the end of January and I also sent an email in the morning explaining our situation.

The real estate agent was really lovely, empathetic and said they would do whatever they can to ensure minimal disruption during my treatment.

I posted on the Canberra Notice Board that we needed to find an affordable house mover and I was inundated with offers strangers from the kindness of their own heart.

ABC Canberra picked up on the story and published it this morning.

I relieved two offers so far from local moving companies to move us for free – I just need to lock in the date.

I have to also give a huge shout out to my work Proximity as they have been by my side since my diagnosis, providing support to my husband, daughter and I during this difficult time – as a workplace, they have gone above and beyond and have made me feel like I am part of their own individual families.

To everyone that said the Canberra community is cold just like the winters, you are wrong. I have felt nothing but warmth from you all.

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