The last couple of weeks

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all settled in to what has been a very eventful (and stressful) start to 2020! The last couple of weeks has seen our daughter start year one. There were some tears but she is enjoying her new class and friends.

We went to Molonglo Dental Clinic in Coombs and the owner, Dentist Monica helped Lindy feel relaxed in the dinosaur chair as she watched Peppa Pig and Spongebob! I highly recommend Molonglo Valley Dental right next to the National Health Coop if you have an anxious child who is scared of going to the dentist! Monica was kind, patient and demonstrated all the tools first to make sure Lindy was at ease and enjoyed her clean.

I received some good news in my last appointment at the Canberra Region Cancer Centre and that is my cancer has not it’s been nine months in the all-clear! I am not officially in remission yet and I do have some other obstacles and (perhaps) lifelong issues but I am so much better than what I was this time last year.

The thing is, when you have cancer, the concern you have about your health never leaves you. If you have ever watched Dexter, you will know what the “Dark Passenger” is and that is exactly what recovering after cancer is like. You will forever have this little shadow following you everywhere – and you hoping it never returns.

I am still working on my 3D printing project but coordinating scans and the technical aspects are taking some time but it is still on track.

Moaz, my dear 29 year old brother in law is still in a coma in Egypt. It has been 3+ months. His level of consciousness is improving and doctors believe it is only a matter of time for him to wake up. He will need rehabilitation for a long time and that is something we will have the financial responsibility for going forward. It is heartbreaking with him being in a coma but also as I wanted to give my family some stability of buying a home here in Canberra – but I will guess that will have to wait. His health and recovery is far more important. I am just devastated that Dept Immigration rejected his visa twice to Australia when we applied for him to help with my recovery after surgery. He sold his car so that his mum (my mother in law) could afford the ticket to Canberra from Egypt to look after me and then when she went home in October, he had the motorcycle accident in November, just a week after his 29th birthday.

I am heartbroken as he hasn’t seen Lindy since she was one years old, she is six now and she may never get to know him. Or if she does, he will be a shadow of the man he used to be. We are hoping and praying he makes a full recovery – but it is hard staying optimistic all the time.





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