Dinner at FUSION Brazilian Restaurant

I was so lucky to find a Groupon to this amazing restaurant as we went to dinner there last year with some friends and their daughter and the food was incredible!

As funds are very tight, we rarely go out, especially because our daughter is a very, very, very picky eater so we end up having to give her dinner at home – thank you Annabelle Karmel you sexy thing!Again, the food did not disappoint, we had all you can eat, meat, sides and salads – ok, vegetarians and vegans please do not hate me! I was a vegetarian for all my teenage years  – maybe I will see the light again sometime soon.

Now back to the food, you know those delicious meats that they cut off the metal rods?…well they come aplenty! Course after course you can choose between different meats, roasted pineapple with cinnamon (delish!) and to finish, a very small brigadeiro – a national dessert consisting of condensed milk, butter and sometimes chocolate! That’s my only criticism, the dessert was so tiny but it was the perfect bite of sweetness to end the meal…with an espresso of course!

Our daughter ate a lot which was a change – perhaps because she had a lot of choice and control over what she could eat.

On Saturday nights they have live music which makes it a night not to be missed! I find that these hidden, ‘blink and you will miss it’ restaurants really give the North Lakes area a bit of culture that is generally missing in those newly developed suburbs.

In summer make sure you wear Aeroguard as the mozzies are out and they are nasty! You will find the mozzies extra bitey around the Moreton Bay region in general.

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