Under 8’s week

On Tuesday our local community celebrated Under 8’s Week so I volunteered at my daughter’s early learning centre for a couple of hours while they ventured out to Undurba State School for a morning of fun and activities.

It was a great day! There were Playdoh stations, drawing, painting, games and even the local police came so that kids could see a real police car and meet a Cop!

The weather was sunny and crisp, and made me think how lucky we are to have such a beautiful climate in the Sunshine State.

After a couple of hours we headed back to daycare and my goodness I was exhausted! I tell you, those Educators work so hard to make sure the kids learn in a fun, caring and safe environment. The way they are able to get each kid’s attention, give them directions and help them learn the ropes in any new task is incredible! I was seriously ready for a nap!

I have to say hand on my heart that Educators are truly worth their weight in gold and I wish they got the respect and recognition they truly deserve. They care so much for every child they teach and nurture and as you know, the first five years are the most crucial in terms of child development.

Let us all give a round of applause for Early Learning Educators and for all Educators who teach, inspire and care for our children!

The grade 12’s at Undurba State School were also so helpful and protective of the little kids. They showed great leadership skills, were extremely polite and were just awesome to be around! Well done year 12, parents and teachers!

Did you do anything on Under 8’s Week? I’d love to hear!

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