Exciting news!

Hi everyone,

What a busy few weeks it has been! I’ve received some great news! Konica Minolta loved my 3D Rare Cancer Australia project and they have agreed to partner for the entire project. News of the project reached their Australian Managing Director and went as far as Japan so it is full steam ahead! We are still in early stages nutting out the 3D designs but it is going great guns so far!

The aim is to 3D print rare cancer tumours to show patients and the public the effectiveness of cancer therapy, be it chemo, radio and immune based therapies. Each rare cancer tumour will be printed in stages and the exhibition will travel Australia then globally. I spoke to a doctor friend and he said why not make it part of standardized treatment? That was a great idea so I am lobbying at the end of the project for ever major hospital in Australia to have a medical 3D printing facility to print rare cancer tumours for patient and medical education. It will also help patients see how their treatment is affecting their cancer, thus making them feel more confident and at ease psychologically with their medical treatment. In addition, it would be a great way to inspire future careers in Oncology and demonstrate that everyone has a part to play in fighting cancer. It is a patient-led project so I believe that us, as patients have a unique insight and way at looking at things – from our own perspective. The aim is to raise $1 million dollars for rare cancer research in Australia however, I believe that we can raise far more.

The exhibition will have an AR component to enhance the user experience and demonstrate cutting edge technological, medical and scientific advancements. I can’t say much more other than I am very excited!

Last Friday Mohab and I went to Bowral to see the Rare Cancers Australia team and it was really nice to see everyone after all the help they provided us with in partnership with my workplace.

We travelled to Sydney on Father’s Day as I saw my surgeon for my post-surgical follow up and everything is going really well. I must say my surgeon is a wonderful human being who really cares about his patients. It is because of him, another surgeon and his entire medical team that I am alive.

I am back to work finally, part-time initially then will start back on a full-time basis.

I am just so grateful to be alive, so happy to be able to see Canberra bloom in springtime and spend time with my family, friends and colleagues.

Here Woj is showing how a 3D model is made using my thymus tumour as the prototype for the project.
Christine, me and Bryan from the Rare Cancers Australia Patient Care team.
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