Meet Everyday Hero Rachael Thorpe

Whether you like fiction or history, fantasy or mystery there is always a book for you at your local library.

Rachael Thorpe a mum from Belconnen joined the community effort to have street libraries installed across the region.

Last year at aged 47 and about to be married she was hit by the devastating news of being diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. Earlier this year, Rachael travelled to the United States to take part in a clinical trial and may have to travel again for treatment as many doctors in Australia do not want to operate because of the rarity, size and locations of the tumours.

With a kind and wise community spirit, Rachael wants to ensure that all people, especially children have access to books and don’t have to walk too far to get one.

“I have loved books since I was a child. We moved a lot and I wasn’t particularly social so books and their characters became my friends. At the age of 48 I find that I have lived in 8 different cities across 3 different countries and it makes me realise how important community and a connection to others is. Words and books are a bridge, yet not everyone has the money to purchase books or the means to get to their local library. I believe that street libraries fill that gap and also provide a chance for communities to join together by adding on other things such as seeds, food, clothing, plant libraries etc for people in need.” Rachael said.

It’s not just Rachel that has a love for reading and knows the benefits of picking up a good book.
Recent studies have shown that children who read regularly develop higher levels of imagination, creativity and empathy.

This Sunday, November 10, Rachael, her husband John and I will be joining forces to Walk Against Brain Cancer and we encourage you to come along too. Enjoy the fresh air, perhaps bring a book for afterwards and get lost in your imagination.

If you would like a street library in your neighbourhood, contact your local council.

Last November, Rachael raised over $8000 for brain cancer research by hosting a fundraising dinner in Canberra.

Rachael is a strong woman, an inspiration not only to her family and friends, but to us all and that is why she is an everyday hero.

If you would like to donate to Rachael’s Walk for Brain Cancer on Sunday November 10, you can do so here. Rachael said that if she made her goal of $1000 she would do the walk in a tutu! So I guess we will see her in tulle!

Follow Rachael at The Plumber His Missus & Her Brain Tumours

Just some of the books on offer in the library. New books are taken and replaced every day! As you can see, the library is bursting at the seams as these books are looking for new owners.
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