Swimming Lessons

I cannot emphasise how important it is for children to learn how to swim – especially in a sunburnt country where there are so many beautiful beaches and swimming holes to explore. Far too often do we hear about backyard or bathtub drownings where little children have fallen victim to the water and yes, lack of proper adult supervision. Ok, enough with the lecture. 

Our local swimming pool, North Lakes Aquatic centre runs a free summer water safety program for young children – you will find that most centres do, especially ones owned and operated by the local council.

My daughter has lessons there and I cannot fault the teachers and the staff and they always make her feel welcome, even if she arrives having a tantrum because she wants to cross the road herself, or because she wants an ice-cream or python lolly from the kiosk early in the morning, or simply because I’m taking her so she decides she will be a turd! The staff are always smiling and asking how my day is and I wane between rolling my eyes in sarcasm, or symbolically point a gun to my head!

The lessons are fantastic and I feel confident knowing I can trust that my daughter is learning in a stimulating, yet safe environment.

I absolutely love swimming (and athletics) so once I get more free time, I might do a few laps early in the morning myself!

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