Update on the week

So last week I met up with my lovely oncologist and nursing team and after the appointment my oncologist Geoffrey (same name as my late father – that’s a good sign!) gave me the biggest hug that almost made me burst into tears.

He didn’t offer my husband one so I felt very special!

At my radiology appointment last week I also bumped into the ultimate lady boss, Kylee Sharples who has her blog Keeping up with Kylee on Facebook.

It was completely coincidental Kylee and I met both online on the Canberra Notice Board and offline at the Canberra Cancer Centre. Kylee is an absolute warrior woman and has her photography business Wilomark Imagery where she photographs women and in her Pawtraits business, pets.

I won’t tell you all about the dirty joke I made at Kylee but I’m glad the whole Canberra Cancer Centre didn’t hear!

I met Kylee online where she was also a recipient of kindness from the Canberra community. A gentleman named Alex gifted Kylee a Kayak on the Canberra Notice Board page as this was a sport she wanted to undertake during and post treatment for her breast cancer.

If you haven’t heard Kylee’s story, please look her up on Facebook. She is a wonderful woman, strong, courageous and has been such a formidable source of strength and support for me.

I’m back at work now post second round of chemo and it’s so good to be back to normal life again.

How have you all been?

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