Wright is getting a community garden

To all residents of Wright, we have some great news – the area is getting a community garden! Canmum met with representatives yesterday from ACT Transport and City Services and they agreed to begin the process to establish a garden in one of the existing public parks.

The park is off John Gorton Drive, cnr Tishler and Catalano Street (where the slide is).

The park has a number of garden beds that are full of weeds and dying overgrown native plants. The project will start in stages with one of the existing beds being utilised to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. The next bed will follow until a sustainable garden that incorporates the natural animal habitats and withstands the elements will be completely established.

The first step of the process is to get a volunteer group together so if you are interested in this project, please email [email protected] (until the community shared mailbox is created) to lodge your expression of interest along with times/hours of availability and contact details.

People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to become a part of this volunteer group and if you have a green thumb, that is a bonus. The project aims to foster a greater sense of community within the suburb, drive conversation, build community friendships and help people get out and about and develop their gardening skills. Such a project is welcome in a community where high density living is the norm and many people within the community do not have the space for a garden in their own home.

Molonglo Conservation Group has expressed interest in project and the garden needs to take into consideration the existing flora and fauna and animal species that have made the park their local habitat. Another issue to consider is where there is an existing water main so that there can be a proper water/irrigation system for the garden and who would foot the water bill for the project. This is currently under investigation with ACT Transport and City Services.

ACT Transport and City Services also advised there are a number of community grants available for the garden and that the local volunteer group can seek assistance with putting in an application for funding.

Local composting and a worm garden is also something that is also under investigation for this project.

For more information and to lodge an expression of interest email [email protected] and Canmum will be in touch with next steps and the community consultation letter and session.

An example of the existing garden beds that will be transformed into fruit, vegetable and herb gardens for public use.
View of the existing garden beds in the park. Current garden beds are full of overgrown and dead native grass/plants.
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