Long weekend

Being in Canberra means that you’re really exposed to “four seasons in one day” and this long weekend was no exception.

We didn’t really do much this long weekend, we finished the series “Good Girls” on Netflix, ran some errands and after almost 5 years, my daughter had her first haircut.

Anyone with a child that has curly hair knows the fights and screaming you encounter on a daily basis when you try and brush their hair. The agony! A day without brushing and your kid’s hair turns into a bird’s nest that only the jaws of life could pry open the matted strands. You give up halfway feeling deflated and realise the screaming and anxiety is not worth the mental anguish.

Sunday my daughter and I (husband was tinkering around on the computer) were invited to Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly, Bec Cody’s house. She was incredibly lovely and really down to earth. The sort of person that you feel you could tell anything to, without fear of judgement and share a few laughs in between.

This is why Bec does not seem like a politician. She is a regular mum who enjoyed a long career as a hairdresser before entering politics. At the age of 30 as a single mum she enrolled at uni and studied law.

After we had a swim, she asked my daughter if she could cut her hair to prepare her for “big school” as she starts in just over a week.

Knowing how much stress we encounter on a daily basis when trying to brush her hair, Bec got out the scissors and gave my daughter her very first haircut!

Like me, Bec had cancer and was given the all clear in November last year. When Bec was diagnosed she was a single mother so I could only imagine how difficult life for her and her family was.

I also got to meet her lovely husband Bruce and learned about his love of cooking (like my husband) and he even makes his own yoghurt, all kinds of cheeses (labneh balls, ricotta, brie – you name it) and bread! When I was there he made two loaves and also a sausage sandwich for my daughter which she ate with enthusiasm (a nice change from her picky eating!).

It was a really lovely day meeting Bec. I got to learn a lot about her and her love of triathlons. I really do not know how she finds the energy and the time to be a politician, a mum and an athlete! On November 9, Bec will be swimming in the Proximity Canberra Triathlon along with Mark Parton and Shane Rattenbury as part of the Try-Partisan team – a first in Canberra politics where the ALP, Liberals and Greens join forces and race as one cohesive unit.

I was supposed to swim in the triathlon but in between chemo my doctor advised that is was not safe to brave the waters of Lake Burley Griffin! I have to say I was actually quite disappointed but I will be cheering on the sidelines nonetheless.

How was your long weekend? What did you do? I’d love to hear!

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