I’ve been doing a lot of (over)thinking lately (what is new!) and one thing I have been really researching is cognitive rehabilitation for chemotherapy patients. The human mind is a wonderful muscle that needs constant exercise and care.

Over the years I have created lesson plans for the workplace (and have taken an interest in special education) but I really wonder what kind of learning tools and research is available for people who have had to improve their memory and cognition due to “chemo brain.”

How long does “chemo brain” last and does that put those undergoing chemotherapy at a higher risk of developing dementia and other neurological disorders?

Something to think about…I wonder if anyone can answer that for me.

One thing I’m really learning to appreciate is that as much as having cancer is a pretty bad card to be dealt, I am learning a new perspective on life and I want to do as much as I can to learn and help others in the same situation. I feel like that is my mission in life and I am so thankful for all the amazing people I have met and have offered to lend a hand to me.

Thank you and you are all amazing – I love you!

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